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Dear Starving Ones,

I’ll be a bit on the short side today. Even though we here in Western MA missed the worst of Nemo (we just got the much friendlier Little Nemo), there was still an awful lot of shoveling to do, our fuel supply is heading toward zero, and I’m ready to take a dive under some blankets for warmth.

I can even make use of this time to do some detail work for the show next month. By the side of my bed I keep some things I can work with while watching netflix on TV (by the way, if I haven’t said it before, let me stress now that if you like movies netflix is a real bargain for the unlimited streaming alone).Anyway, I keep pens, pencils, templates, a box with variously sized & curved scissors, and a lap desk intended for a little kid (cheap) which has pockets on the corners so smaller stuff doesn’t disappear under the bed or get stolen by cats Luckily enough, I was the sort of child who did her homework while watching TV at the same time so this sort of multi-tasking is second nature to me by now..

So today I’m under cover(s) with a Bollywood movie to watch and some “coloring” to do — perfect!

I do wish the best to everyone in New England who is having a much harder time than we’ve had. Lots of folks still don’t have any power, and the snowfall has been incredible. Over three feet in some places, while we only had 15-16 inches. My thoughts are with you, New England comrades!